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Shopping purchases on EVERCLASSIC

EVERCLASSIC runs an online shopping website selling used Danish and Scandinavian designer items, including lamps, furniture, ceramics and art.  The webshop on EVERCLASSIC provides a place in which all customers are able to purchase products from EVERCLASSIC's associated vendors.


EVERCLASSIC oversees all sales and purchases. EVERCLASSIC guarantees that each purchase follows international finance or trade laws in accordance with the EU purchasing rights of the buyer.    



We endeavor to send purchased items within 5 business days from the date of sale. If the item is no longer available from the seller, we will contact you as quickly as possible to arrange the next steps.


Purchases are primarily delivered with DHL Express, but EVERCLASSIC retains the right to select the most appropriate delivery service for each order.  



Purchased goods are packed and sent from the seller's address. Costs related to shipping is available and paid online at EVERCLASSIC at the time the order is completed. The buyer also have the option to pick up the item from the seller's address or arrange shipping from a prefered partner.   



The creditcard that is used to make the purchase will be debited when the purchased item is sent to the card holder.


Order cancellation

Orders may be cancelled up to 24 hours after purchasing an item. If you decide to cancel an order, contact a customer service representative at


Return and refund policy

We offer a 14 day "regret a purchase" on all orders. This 2-week regret of purchase time-period starts 14 days from the date the buyer receives the item. If the buyer regrets the purchase after receiving the item, the buyer is required to email an customer service representative at within 14 days. When the buyer contacts our customer service representative, please be prepared to explain the reason for the regret of purchase. EVERCLASSIC will then contact the buyer to arrange the details regarding the return of the item.  


In the event of regretting a purchase, the original shipping costs incurred to send the item to the customer are not reimbursed. Since all items sold on EVERCLASSIC are used, each item therefore requires special packing to ensure a safe delivery to the buyer/seller. Please note that any additional packing and delivery costs incurred to return an item back to the seller due to "regretting a purchase" are not reimbursed and are paid for by the buyer.  Only the price of the item is reimbursed in the event of regretting a purchase.


In the event of regretting a purchase, EVERCLASSIC refunds the price of the item to the buyer within 14 days of receiving the returned item.  


In the event of regretting a purchase, the buyer is responsible for any decrease in the value of the item after delivery to the buyer's address.  If there are damages to the item, the decrease in the item’s value will be deducted from the refund amount of the item to the buyer.



Sold items on EVERCLASSIC are considered to be unique goods which are in used condition and therefore not covered by a "new item" guarantee.



The buying of goods on EVERCLASSIC are generally considered to be covered under the Danish Law protection of the buyer's right which states that buyers have a 2 years' warranty of purchased items. However, since goods on EVERCLASSIC are usually considered to be unique or curiosities, EVERCLASSIC reserves the right to evaluate each claim situation on a case by case basis in order to judge the extent to which EVERCLASSIC can be held responsible under the terms of warranty.


In the event of flaws in the purchased item is discovered, the buyer should inform EVERCLASSIC of the flaw by writing to within 10 days.


Personal information

EVERCLASSIC handles personal information in accordance with existing laws concerning personal data. Information, that can be associated to you as a person, will not be available to other companies or be connected to other existing registries.



Payment information

When shopping on EVERCLASSIC, MANGOPAY SA processes all credit/debit card information. MANGOPAY SA is a secure electronic payment service for Visa and MasterCard/Eurocard. All card information is processed, transmitted and secured in accordance with EU laws. Cardholder data is stored in encrypted which insures that only authorized persons can access the information.   



All used goods on EVERCLASSIC are considered to fall under the tax category of "used tax" and therefore there is no additional sales tax added to the price of the item.


Information about EVERCLASSIC

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