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Den danske markedsplads er flyttet til



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House Tour by Apartment Therapy
in the home of furniture collector Rasmus Warnke Nørregaard, the CEO and founder of EVERCLASSIC


Apartment Therapy's house tours transport you to stylish homes around the world. It gives you the opportunity to see cool spaces of all sizes and designs, plus the people who live in them. One of these stylish homes is the playful, classic and contemporary home of our founder and CEO at EVERCLASSIC Rasmus Warnke Nørregaard.  

Rasmus and his family have been living in the 1600-square-foot apartment in the Østerbro neighbourhood of Copenhagen for 10 years, and the passion for Scandinavian ceramics and modern furniture is obvious. You'll see classic pieces from well-known designers like Arne Jacobsen, Hans J. Wegner and more. Rasmus has also been a ceramics collector for many years and is in particular drawn to Danish and Swedish ceramists. Pieces from Rasmus' collection are sprinkled in nearly every room. On the house tour, you'll also spot some surprising objects, like toys! Rasmus finds great inspiration in interior design magazines from the 1960s and looks at trends and tendencies around him and absorb these in the home decor.


Click here to see the full House Tour at Apartment Therapy


Looking for that unique piece

EVERCLASSIC is a true treasury when it comes to Scandinavian design. Despite having a wide assortment of furniture and ceramics we sometimes receive requests on unique items that are not part of our current selection. We cherish these request as they give us an opportunity to go hunting for that special item amongst our network of dealers and collectors. We will go to great lengths to accommodate any special requests our clients may have.

A day in the forest

The Scandinavian forests are great places to get inspiration and come close to something that is natural and genuine. The same feeling can be obtained from the proud Danish furniture traditions. When craftsmanship, aesthetics and design work together, the possibility to create something completely unique appears. The photo was taken by our photographer on a beautiful autumn day.

Photo by @mariawarnkenoerregaard 


Ceramics by Nils Thorsson 


Nils Johan Thorvald Thorsson (1898-1975) was a Danish painter and ceramist. Nils Thorsson is especially interesting due to his international style and his ability to create beautiful expressions through different shapes and glazes. He had an extreme sense of quality and allowed no faults and imperfections. Click here to see all of his pieces.  







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