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Den danske markedsplads er flyttet til

Press & media

Media interviews, official statements, and press conferences

We love to tell about EVERCLASSIC, its history and our vision!
If you would like to:

- interview one of our representatives,
- speak about a particular subject, designer, item or
- obtain a statement regarding EVERCLASSIC, our vision or products,

Please contact press@everclassic.com.

Media collaboration with magazines, newspapers and TV

We have a wide and in-depth knowledge of Scandinavian furniture, art and design and we enjoy sharing what we know with others. If you see a possible collaboration with regards to an article, documentary, TV show or another project, please feel free to contact us. Together we can work to create relevant, interesting and exciting dimensions and content.


Blog and social media partnerships

Write to us at press@everclassic.com if you have possible ideas for future collaborations.



Use of EVERCLASSIC photos, videos and other materials

You are welcome to use any photos, videos and materials from EVERCLASSIC when you clearly cite our website. Write to us at press@everclassic.com for high-resolution photographs.

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